My name is Jeff Gardner and I’m a Network Marketing Coach. I show motivated, passionate people how to transform their incomes AND their lives through proven network marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques.

Long story short: I love what I do.

Over the last 25+ years (starting at the age of 15), I’ve been making money in network marketing. Yes, even BEFORE the Internet. This was “back in the day” when greasy-haired vitamin salesmen would fill up hotel rooms and sell everyone on their breakthrough opportunity.

Since then, I’ve become a very successful full-time network marketer. I’ve written and co-written books, audios, and courses on “How to Succeed in Network Marketing”. I’ve been a featured speaker at marketing, home-business, and network marketing seminars – including the World MLM Summit, held in San Diego, California. And my “Success Story” has been featured in the books “How to Get Rich on the Internet” as well as “Walking with the Wise Entrepreneur” with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump, and others.

What makes me different from many other people is my focus on a combination of financial freedom AND time freedom. Life is short. Way too short. And there’s A LOT of it to live. So I only want to use marketing strategies that let me make maximum money in minimum time.

That’s why I use proven-in-the-trenches “direct response marketing” techniques to generate an endless supply of excited, interested leads – and convert them into distributors using a combination of psychology, copywriting, and good ol’ marketing.

Plus, I’m a big believer in creating a “Paid Vacation” kind of lifestyle – where I don’t have to work 24/7 to create my income. So I also systematize my marketing. I automate what I can – and I outsource the rest. This lets me make non-stop income – while I’m taking trips and enjoying my life.

Oh yeah… And I’m not just a distributor. I’ve also been the OWNER of my own Network Marketing Company. So I know what it’s like from the “other side”. I’ve invested six-figures of my own cash to build my own successful MLM company from scratch. So I know what goes on “behind the scenes” – and I know what it takes to support the company’s distributors, build systems, and help your distributors become successful.

I designed to be a place where I can share my marketing strategies with motivated, success-minded network marketers. If that’s you, I encourage you to bookmark my blog – and visit regularly.

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Best Wishes,

Jeff Gardner