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I love viral marketing.

If you’re not familiar with viral marketing, it’s when you create a marketing message that gets shared, from person to person, over and over again. You’ve probably heard the term “viral video” – videos that go from zero to millions of hits overnight, because friends tell friends. It’s like “word-of-mouth marketing” on steroids.

The Best Part: It’s FREE.

I’ve used viral marketing in my own business to get free traffic and mlm leads – without spending a dime. And it’s worked so well, I’ve become the top recruiter in one of the companies I’m involved with: MatchRatePLUS.

How Viral Network Marketing Works

Over the last year, I’ve built a downline of 8,427 (and growing) in a company called MatchRatePLUS. Now, thanks partially to a viral report I wrote, my team (and my passive income) continues to grow on auto-pilot.

The report that’s helping me build my downline is titled Get Paid Thousands of Times Per Day. It explains how, by becoming a MatchRatePLUS Agent, you can get paid on thousands of credit card purchases each day at local businesses.

Inside the document are links to my MatchRatePLUS opportunity website. When someone reads the report and wants to join, they click a link in the report – which opens up the MatchRatePLUS opportunity website in their Internet browser. Then they can sign up free – and join my Team. As they start growing their own business, my income grows, too.

The Get Paid Thousands of Times Per Day report has two main components that make it a viral report.

First, when someone signs up as a new MatchRatePLUS Agent, I let them rebrand the report and share it with their “circle of influence” (friends, family, FB group, email list, blog readers, etc.).

I have a simple online form that new Agents can use to instantly rebrand the report with their own MatchRatePLUS opportunity website. It’s rebranded in 1 click – and the service I use even hosts it. The only thing the Agent has to do is share the link to their rebranded report with others.

Second, I give everyone who downloads the report “Lifetime Giveaway Rights”. They can post it on their blog, email it to their list, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or post it in forums or on free classified sites.

Those two factors have caused this report to be rebranded 375 times – and downloaded a whopping 38,577 times. And more people continue to rebrand and download it every month.

In fact, there’s no way I could stop this viral report – even if I wanted to. It’s been shared all over the Internet – and it’ll continue to be shared for years to come.

That’s great for me, because these reports are building my Team automatically, day and night. The reports I’ve given away… and those my downline are giving away… have “gone viral”. They’re generating free traffic and free MLM leads – that result in a constant flow of new sign-ups.

The more reports that get downloaded, rebranded, and given away, the bigger my overall Team becomes.

The Result: A growing monthly income – with no marketing costs.

Now, let’s talk about how you can create a viral report to help you build your own network marketing income.

Create a Viral Report in 4 Easy Steps

The overall process is pretty simple I’ll review the “Steps” here – and then I’ll cover each one in detail in future blog posts.

Step #1: Write Your Viral Report. There are a few tricks to doing this right – so people want to download and read your report. Don’t worry if you don’t see yourself as a “writer”.  There are simple ways to get your viral reports written for you (even for free).

Step #2: Viralize Your Report. This process has become so “point and click” simple,  ANYONE can create a rebrandable report – regardless of technical skill or experience. I’m certainly no “techie”, but I’ve been able to publish over a dozen viral reports in the past few months.

Here’s a viral report I wrote that’s generic and can be rebranded for any opportunity:

7 MLM Secrets THEY Don’t Want You to Know

Now it’s important that you set up your rebranding “process” the right way. Unfortunately, when I originally set up the MatchRatePLUS report, I made a mistake that cost me over 300 new leads that I could have added to my list. I went back and corrected my mistake – but if you look at what companies are selling MLM leads for, it was a costly mistake.

Fortunately, I learned my lesson – and I’ll explain how to build your list (and make a little extra money, too) as people rebrand your viral report.

Step #3: Promote Your Report. This is a biggie. If you don’t promote your report, it won’t get a chance to “go viral”. Fortunately, with everyone connected via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, it’s easier to launch a viral report than ever before. Plus, there are some cool free viral marketing tools that can really help your reports take off.

Step #4: Rinse & Repeat. This is more of a reminder than a “step” – but it’s important. The more viral reports you produce, the bigger (and faster) your downline will grow. And, if you’re in multiple opportunities, you can have a variety of different reports working for you, growing your business around the clock.

And that’s it. Using that simple 4 step process, I’ve created a viral report that’s building my downline and passive monthly income, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, with zero marketing costs.

If you’re involved in any home business where you’re recruiting new agents, distributors, or affiliates… free or paid… you need to be using viral reports. If you’re not, you’re missing out on an additional FREE flow of traffic and leads for your opportunity.

In my next post, I’ll walk you through how to write your own viral report – and then we’ll work on “viralizing” it and launching it to the world.

Questions? Comments? Post them below and I’ll respond.


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