Last night, I was putting the finishing touches on an ebook I wrote about an opportunity I’m involved in. The plan is to sell the ebook for next to nothing (to qualify my leads a little) and then point the buyers to my opportunity.

Before I launch it, I need feedback. I need real people to read it, review it, and give me testimonials to put in my marketing.

If you’ve studied marketing, this is called “Social Proof” (which I first heard about in one of my Top 10 Business Books of All Time, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini)

Briefly, “Social Proof” is when we, as human beings, look to others to know how to act in unfamiliar situations. We look to the experiences of others to see what kind of results we should expect in any situation.

That’s why testimonials and success stories are so important in marketing. That’s why the best infomercials spend more time talking to “real people” who got great results from the product – then they do jabbering on about how it’s “the best ever”.

So before launching new products, I like to get feedback on my products. This not only helps me get success stories, but also gives me some insight on what could be tweaked to make it better, what needs to be added, if the pricing is right, etc.

One of my favorite marketing forums, Warrior Forum, has a sub-forum called “Wanted – Members Looking to Hire You”.

Anyone, for $5 bucks, can post a “Reviewers Wanted” listing on this forum – and get forum Members to read and review the product. Last night, I posted my “Reviewers Wanted” listing on the forum – and this morning, in my in-box, was the approval for my listing and a link to pay $5. I’ve already been in contact with a few reviewers, send them free review copies of my ebook, and I’ll have a 10 to 15 testimonials I can use in my marketing in the next 72 hours.

Now, here’s how you can use this service to get free “marketing products”.

Register for a free account on Warrior Forum. If you’re doing – or want to do – any type of online marketing, you need an account with Warrior Forum. The sheer amount of information you can get from their over 427,000 members is invaluable.

Then simply log in on a regular basis to the “Wanted – Members Looking to Hire You” forum for marketers who want you to review their products.

There’s no cost to you. You simply agree to write a clear, concise, and honest review of their product. And, in exchange, you get to keep the product.

Give it a shot – and when you get a free marketing product, let me know about it in the comments below.

This method can save you $100’s of dollars on marketing training – and give you access to some of the most effect marketing strategies for free. Enjoy!

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