It takes “tools” to build any business, so I thought it’d be helpful to you if I created a list of tools that I both use and recommend. I use all of these tools, in some way, to build my businesses and run my life. If you find this list useful, bookmark it so they’re just a click away. I’ll keep adding to this list as I test out and implement new tools. Enjoy!

Email Marketing

  • Aweber: The best autoresponder and email marketing system I’ve found. If you’re not capturing and following up with your leads, you’re not in business. It’s a simple as that. Aweber is affordable, very easy to use, and can grow with you as your business grows. I’ve tried many others, but have always come back to Aweber. Must Have.
  • Popup Domination: This is the software I use for the opt-in form that “magically” appears over this blog. Works great and gives me an extra opportunity to capture leads. Recommended. (Works with Aweber)
  • Ultimate Footer Popup: This is another piece of software that “slides” an opt-in box UP at the bottom of a sales page, blog, etc. Another unique method I’ve used to capture leads. (Works with Aweber.) I liked this software so much, I bought the license to it.

Website/Squeeze Page Design

  • Optimize Press: Before Optimize Press, it was common for me to spend $500 to $1,000 or more to have a designer create an opt-in page or sales letter page from scratch. After Optimize Press, I can now “click and create” professional-looking opt-in pages, sales pages, membership sites, and more. It’s like getting unlimited website design services for a one-time fee of $97. Another must-have tool that’s indispensable.

Viral Marketing

  • Viral MLM Reports: After I created a viral PDF report that helped me signup 701 distributors and build a downline of over 8,400, I created viral reports that anyone can rebrand and give away to promote any opportunity. I created a quick video to show you how my viral reports work – and you can even rebrand a sample viral report (titled “5,000 Distributors in 180 Days”) with your opportunity.
  • Viral MLM Traffic: This is another website I own. It offers a free “Link Cloaker” that earns you traffic as you advertise your opportunity. Sign up, cloak any replicated website link, and as you advertise your new link, you earn “credits” that you can use to advertise your opportunity throughout out worldwide network of home business seekers. Free Membership + 1,000 Free Ad Credits when you sign up a new account.
  • Viral PDF Generator: I love this service. With VPG, you can create viral pdf reports that are 1-click rebrandable. You can create “free to rebrand” reports for your opportunity… or reports that customers must pay to rebrand. Lots of options, all explained by the creator of VPG, James Grandstaff.

Network Marketing Training

  • Unstoppable Sponsoring: Each month, I interview entrepreneurs in the home business and network marketing industry on their “best practices” – the strategies, techniques, and methods they use to build six-figure and seven-figure businesses. I’m a big believer in shortcutting your journey to success by learning what is delivering real results from those who came before you. That’s why I created Unstoppable Sponsoring.
  • Maximum Leverage: One of my favorite network marketing trainers is my friend, Daegan Smith. He’s a brilliant trainer who overdelivers. Case-in-point: I purchased his original “Maximum Leverage” MLM training program for almost $1,000 a few years back. Recently, he decided to give it away… PLUS a bunch of other products he’s developed… when you take his monthly Maximum Leverage Membership for a spin for $1. Add on the fact that he’s just an all-around great guy – and you can’t go wrong connecting with Daegan.

Time Management

  • Nozbe: I’d be lost without my Nozbe account. With so many projects going on simultaneously, personal activities, appointments, etc., I love being able to access and organize ALL of this from any computer, my iPhone, and iPad. If you need an organizational system that really works, I highly recommend testing out Nozbe for yourself. (I’d be lost without it)

Affiliate Marketing Training

  • Affilorama: It’s not only the quality of this training that’s surprising. It’s that it’s free. Over 100 hours of video lessons, tools, training. If you’re asking yourself, “How in the heck do I get traffic?”, then you need to create an account at Affilorama and go through their free training. Highly recommended.

Opportunities I’m Involved With

  • Empower Network: I joined Empower for multiple reasons: The founders are smart, successful guys in the industry with integrity. The products are evergreen and in-demand by millions of network marketers worldwide. The marketing system is already set up and ready to go. Oh yeah… and it pays out 100% commissions and recurring residual income. When I ran through my “Opportunity Review Checklist”, it had everything I look for – so I joined. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out my Empower Network Review.
  • MatchRatePLUS: This company offers a patent-pending 25% Cash Back services to U.S. business owners on their credit and debit card processing fees. I joined, because I’ve had a friend in the credit card processing field for years – and he’s made a lot of money in this industry. I like MatchRate, because it’s free to join, they give you all of the training you need to get started, and you can get paid as Agents you refer share this service with merchants. So far, I’ve signed up 701 Agents, my total “Agent Organization” is at 8,427, and my monthly residual income increases by 30% per month.